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Spotlight is On!

(Orange County, CA. October 01, 2020) A new multi-faceted Asian-American lifestyle magazine is conquering the internet on October 1!

Spotlight Media Magazine will feature the latest scoops in technology, health & wellness, travel, business, fashion, beauty, food, and celebrities.

The magazine launch stems up from a long-time dream and aspirations of "Ms. M" –Pen de Leon-Manahan, a Fil-Am leader, restaurateur, entrepreneur, concerts and events management company owner; also known for her excellent sense of style, for being forward-thinking, and her passion for discovering and telling different stories about exciting places, people and events in all walks of life.

"And because we are in the time of high-technology and everything is now online, still want to come up with a magazine. Not just for women. But for everyone. And who has the interests in all that we can ever feature? So, there' something about health and wellness, family, love and romance, travel. Name it. Whatever they want to read in a magazine will be given to them, virtually! That's why the title is SPOTLIGHT! There are just so many stories to tell. Precisely what I want to see in a magazine. So, there is something for everyone. Global, where we are now. The digital content. Watch out for it; launching is on October 1, 2020."

Just like Ms. M, there are many things to watch out for as a new page in her life unfolds! We can only hope for the best! Get ready to be on the SPOTLIGHT!

Media Contact:
MJ Racadio


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